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You can also fully delete the apps that you’re more likely to check incessantly and pledge to only do certain digital activities ― like checking social media ― on a computer. I rarely use the flip phone, have a chrome book for emailing and don’t like to talk on any phone unless necessary for appointments, getgting some info., or calling about when I’ll be home.. I don’t take personal calls until mid afternoon weekdays. Unless it’s a business type call, I ignore calls going to voice. Very sad commentary that we are having to make rules for ourselves on how to break an addiction such as a cell phone.



This gives graphene unique abilities, such as impressive thermal and electrical conductivity. Higher watts and wireless capabilities make it faster and simpler than ever to power our devices and free us up from our dependence on Lightning cables and power points. Have you ever charged your smartphone or Mac and noticed that the charger felt hot? It’s a common issue and often signals the end of life for that charger. Pause WiFi plus set family-safe browsing and device limits to any device that's connected to your WiFi.



This is an app that you are going to turn on notifications but turn off badges. Next, put the Gmail app you have just downloaded in that "Messages folder" we created in Step #3. The idea is that the browser is one of the addictive element that grabs your attention and wastes your time. And Instagram, drop loads of likes on your friends, send a tweet, and get the gist of the news.



Well, you could make a phone call rather than sending a text or email. Read more about buy Insta Followers here. The key is to give the person on the other end your undivided attention. Or, if you’re in public, have a friendly chat with a stranger. If you're the type of person who forgets things constantly, this one's a great app to have at your disposal.



Now in the morning, rather than pick up my phone, I pick up a book. I head back into my room where I stretch for 10 minutes. Only then do I pick up my phone to send my daily gratitude text to my gratitude partner, a good friend of mine.



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