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10 Virtual Reality Statistics You Should Know In 2022
10 Virtual Reality Statistics You Should Know In 2022
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Even though AR and VR devices still aren’t quite as in-demand as other electronics like smartphones or smartwatches, the growing market size is a clear indication of its potential. Read more about https://gamerssuffice.com/virtual-reality-as-the-main-technological-trend/ here. Many tech companies such as Microsoft, Intel, and Sony have invested large amounts of money into developing and advancing VR. It is a digitally created, three-dimensional environment generated using advanced computer technology. It places users in a simulation and allows them to immerse themselves in a different world. In this article, you’ll learn ten virtual reality statistics you need to know in 2022.



51% of Marriott’s customers expressing intent to travel to more hotels in the chain after the company showed VR travel stories from other locations to them. The most well-known brand in VR, however, is Samsung, thanks to its Gear VR headset. This was also the case in 2017 when Samsung Gear VR was the most well-known device among the general population as well as gamers, even though the brand’s awareness seems to have come down in the last two years.



Budget and mid-range users are more likely to find issues with the user interface or the viability of VR. According to a worldwide survey of startup founders, tech company executives, investors, and consultants, 59% of respondents believe gaming will dominate the investment directed to the development of AR/VR technology. According to VR statistics, spending on location-based VR is expected to account for an additional $700 million. The total spending on VR content/apps and location-based VR is expected to rise from $2.54 billion in 2019 to $3.77 billion in 2021. Spending on AR content and apps is nearly 2.5 times that on VR content and is expected to grow at a higher pace as well. A significant reason for the dip in the sales of devices is the decreasing interest among people for smartphone-based VR devices.



Find your first clients and customers for your tech startup and implement the right tools, methods and strategies for creating an successful sale system for your specific niche industry/technology. During this session we will explore the research process, how you can research a specific niche industry, the market and tech trends. Lenovo solves this problem by making AR devices that focus on the display part of the AR. These devices plug into a PC, and the glasses don’t have to carry around the AR technology’s weight.



Especially in the B2B market, virtual reality has proven to be an incredibly powerful marketing tool to help close a sale and drive conversion. A virtual reality experience can go in-depth to product specs and prove exactly why it’s superior. When designed by a top virtual reality video production company the experience can be like a trade show, a sales demo, and a marketing presentation in one.



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