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10 Ways To Grow Your Higher Ed Instagram With Free Checklist
10 Ways To Grow Your Higher Ed Instagram With Free Checklist
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Don’t buy followers and instead devote your Instagram strategy to crafting posts that resonate with your audience and take advantage of all that Instagram has to offer. As you pursue organic growth of your Instagram followers, focus on these quality metrics above all. If quantity were all that mattered, spending a few dollars to get thousands of bots to follow you would be the only advice we’d need to give. However, it’s become one of the biggest video platforms, too. User generated content is the opposite of branded content; it’s produced by regular accounts instead of marketing teams following specific brand guidelines.



Of all the main social media platforms, Instagram is the one which rose to the top as the most useful tool for real estate agents. Others can’t be bothered and prefer short, snappy captions. It will depend on your business or blog, but you should always aim to offer some kind of value in your captions. The more value you provide, the more shareable your content becomes, and the more followers you’re likely to get.



For more about common Instagram contest mistakes, and how to avoid them, check out this blog post that I wrote. And that’s by cross-promoting your Instagram account on other social media channels culminating in an integrated social media marketing strategy. Genuine Instagram growth service automates your engagement process with other accounts. They do this using like, comment, and follow to get other accounts to notice and engage your brand. Read more about buy Insta Followers here. One thing you don’t want to do is use the same bio for too long.



I currently live in Germany, but my base of followers is 90% USA based, so I try to not post until 1pm . If I want engagement with my posts then I need to be cognizant of when to post. I have a whole post on the best time to post to Instagram, but using apps like Iconosquare and Instagram analytics itself will help you narrow it down. I realized I couldn't be like anyone else, I had to create content that came from me.



Once you set up your Instagram profile and create your unique concept, you will grow slowly. This type of growth is healthy and serves as a nice base for future marketing efforts. Your key metrics will be positive and overall, and the profile page will leave customers a good impression of a credible and reliable brand. The answer to this question is key to your profile’s success. A successful social presence starts with understanding the target audience, as this will offer insights on what content to create. We followed some of the steps in this WeekHack article and blogged about our experience.



When thinking about how to grow organically on Instagram, we want to consider ways we can get in front of mass amounts of new people. When you post more of "you" in stories, it gives followers a reason to connect with you in ways they might not otherwise be able to otherwise. And at the end of the day, that’s what encourages more people to follow and share your profile. Having more of "you" in stories also gives your followers someone to relate to, trust, and connect with. Some of my absolute FAVORITE Instagrammers have excellent story series like "Do Good Monday." I have learned to look forward to them and engage with said stories! You can gain organic Instagram followers consistently when you give people a reason to anticipate your content.



Think what do you want people to do when they come across your Instagram profile? How your profile looks to first-time visitors is important because you want to capture people’s attention and make them click the "follow" button. Building your business as a freelancer or solopreneur requires a very savvy marketing mind.



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