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The political changes allowed the group to speak more openly of the recent history of Poland. However, the rule of censorship was still strong when it comes to history after 1945 and there were very few films on the contemporary events. This marked the major difference between the members of the Polish Film School and Italian neorealists.



As of 2019, Chinese cinema has the highest annual ticket sales with 1,650 million tickets sold. While the events surrounding theater television and pay television unfolded, Hollywood was developing specific strategies for selling its products to the emerging television industry. By the 1950s, the film industry had firmly established a key role in the supply of the majority of television programming. Before discussing these developments, it is important to establish the backdrop for Hollywood's eventual triumph. By 1949, the twenty Latin American republics represented almost one-fifth of the total foreign markets for U.S. films. Memories of a burned-down Argentine theatre after a showing of Argentine Nights as well as audience riots in Latin America forced Hollywood to realize they could no longer win foreign audiences if they presented stereotyped or derogatory versions of the Latin character.



The change may have seemed like a minor one at the time—who cares if a fictional virus originates in China or elsewhere, particularly if the virus’s origin is peripheral to the movie’s plot? But the source novel’s author, Max Brooks, was actually trying to make a point—one that is all the more potent now, while, as of this report’s release, the world continues to grapple with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. The political elements of this prohibition, of course, are often invisible to Hollywood executives evaluating whether or not to greenlight a ghost movie and weighing how Beijing’s rules would affect such a movie’s financial returns. Although the Central Propaganda Department now handles film censorship, these restrictions are widely understood to stand. In other words, this Beijing-imposed self-censorship in film is not unique to the United States. But Sony is not the only studio that has been caught making changes to its film in order to better appeal to Chinese officials or to increase the chances of succeeding in China.



Read more about here. Of these 117 films, 25 films were directed by a woman, 87 by a man, and 3 in male teams and 2 in mixed-gender teams . In terms of production, no women were involved in 58 percent of the films, while no women were involved in two-thirds of scriptwriting , and for 88 percent of the films, no women were involved in cinematography. German cinema has in recent years experienced a revival of scrutiny for its evident gender inequality. Women directors receive less public funds, work with lower budgets, and their films have smaller releases; however, their films are often more successful artistically and are produced financially more efficiently. The lack of female talent in the industry, thus, can’t be a problem of quality as is often argued. This article presents findings from a series of extensive empirical studies on the German film industry.



The fame of these popular stars brought a huge number of young fans into the cinema to watch main melody films. Fans were often proud of their idols’ involvement in such films, as they interpreted it to be the state’s unofficial recognition of the popularity and legitimacy of their idols. Film directors also innovated their production techniques and adopted different elements from Hollywood to make their films more aesthetically and visually pleasing to common people. The Message, for example, is marketed for its filming techniques and its nature as an espionage thriller. "If The Founding of a Republic represents the commercialization of main melody film, The Message gives a great example of how to incorporate the main melody in commercial films," according to Qunshu Gao, a mainland film director. These movies not only became blockbusters, but also received extensive praise and domestic and international awards for their high-standard production.



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