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It seems like most of society have hopped on the TikTok bandwagon and we're not mad about it. Athletes, singers, moms, grandparents, celebrities, doctors and more use this upcoming social media platform. Not only do TikToks make you laugh and inspire you to dance, but creatorsglobally are pulling back the curtain to show behind-the-scenes footageof how they are creating cool photos and videos. Better yet, you can find a good workout or even get an amazing visual step-by-step cooking lesson from some TikTok creators. Whatever you use TikTok for, there is a noticeable difference when they are done right and, well, when they aren't.



In this feed, TikTok will recommend videos that you might like based on an algorithm. You will only see uploads from people you choose to follow. Read more about here. Customize your preferences by tapping Who Can View This Video and choose between public, friends only or private . You can also toggle comments, Duets and Stitch on or off. Save your video to drafts, automatically post it to other social media or post it to TikTok only.



However, TikTok’s trying to encourage people to download and use their smartphone app, so many services including TikTok Live are unavailable through the desktop app. Describe the issues you’re having with TikTok Live in as much detail as you can and add any relevant screenshots to your report. Select Me at the lower-right corner of your screen to access your account page. You must have come across a few live streams and wondered if you could go live on TikTok as well. Here’s everything you need to know about going live on TikTok, as well as a few tips to make sure your first live stream is not a disaster.



Erica is a Toronto-based content writer with a love of alliteration and a background in public relations. Following this format, businesses likeThe Washington PostandChipotlehave amassed 842,000 and 1.4 million followers on TikTok, respectively. These simple edits are great ways to optimize your profile.



People have hypothesized that TikTok’s filter may do more than catch copyrighted content – it may determine which videos go viral. TikTok is also great at celebrating popular and existing trends as well as creating its own trends. These might include dance challenges for popular songs, pranks, or videos aligned with popular in-app filters.



Want to know which percentage of your following is male and where in the world they live? Like any social media app, the first thing you need to do on TikTok is download it, create an account, and setup your profile. Then sign up via Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter, or simply type in your own username and password. Take a look at your For You page to identify any trending challenges. Before you participate in a challenge, make sure it’s relevant to your niche and brand. It’s recommended that you add your unique spin to the challenge and try to feature your product/brand.



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