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How To Watch Movies At Home Like At The Cinema
How To Watch Movies At Home Like At The Cinema
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During this corona virus epidemic or covid 19, stopping the infection helps the nation. Staying at home is a must. But staying at home Don't forget to find fun activities to do. One easy activity that you can do with the whole family is watching your favorite movie at home. Here are some ideas for creating a more enjoyable movie-watching atmosphere at home.





to upgrade the experience of watching movies at home to be more enjoyable If you have one big screen projector to help you Guarantee that the atmosphere of watching movies at your home will never be the same again. for this method It might sound a bit pricey. But it's not too hard. You can try renting or borrowing. Or maybe you can try a projector that is compatible with your mobile phone. When you get it, find a wide wall to install. Make sure that there is no light coming out of the window. and place the sofa in the right angle Make sure everyone is in a corner where they can clearly enjoy the movie.





Once the main locations and equipment have been dealt with, Check out accessories for added comfort, such as bean bags, soft pillows, blankets, and cushions. For sound, try speakers that provide surround sound instead of computer speakers. Or if you have a Bluetooth speaker, that can be used as well. Most importantly, don't forget to have everyone mute the phone before the movie starts.





Choosing a movie that will satisfy everyone in the family should be difficult. One idea to tackle this problem is to run a poll of five movies from different genres and have everyone vote for it, or if they can't choose. Try changing the genre to a different type of movie each night to give everyone the chance to see their favorite movie. and if you watch movies with kids Don't forget to check the movie's ratings every time before you start watching. to make sure that the movie Is it right for ดู หนัง ออนไลน์ imovie hd your child?





For dessert, choose something that everyone in the house likes to eat, like popcorn, baked cheese or butter, or maybe fried chicken and potatoes. and besides snacks Don't forget to prepare delicious drinks. to eat as well





Another great option to make watching movies more fun is to turn your home into a movie theater with role-playing with your kids, starting with movie tickets, snack spots, and kids. They acted like they were in a movie theater. Have them distribute popcorn, tear off tickets, take the audience to their seats. Ensure that your child will be very fond of it. Plus, parents can enjoy watching movies comfortably for the children to take care of.



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